Monday, August 8, 2011

Phineas & Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension!


Since we moved to Raleigh we have had the pleasure of watching the Disney channel and all it’s numerous shows. Back in Ottawa it was an extra so we never had it but had all the movies. I’m so the Disney Kid, even though I’m now 40 :)

When I ran my marathon at Disney World in January, several of the characters were out to cheer on us crazy runners.  As we ran through the back park on Disney Hollywood Studios we ran past two very strange characters.  One Phineas and one Ferb!  It’s not very often you see a character with a triangle shaped head.

Once we got settled and into the new shows of Disney we were introduced to the show Phineas and Ferb and what these two boys do on summer vacation. It’s a riot and a half, politically incorrect enough for the parents watching and tells of the adventures of two kids and their secret agent platypus, Perry.  I’m not sure why, but I just love this cartoon.  Maybe it’s because Phineas’s head is a triangle, or that Ferb doesn’t speak much but when he does it’s hilarious.  I love Candace’s passion for busting her brothers and her love for Jeremy who’s clueless.  But most of all I love the three friends who help out.  Isabella, Baljeet and Buford are awesome!  So with this weekend’s release of their movie, Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension I had to make cookies of course!  I think I was more excited than the girls.  I’m a spaz, I know!

Now they premiered it on Friday night at 8pm, so we had to record it as it’s a little late for the kids.  We all got up Saturday morning and watched it and were not disappointed. So I thought I’d pay homage to this fun little quirky cartoon with cookies.

I hope you like them!

I also tried a new royal icing.  IT ROCKS!!!  I used Bridget’s from Bake at 350. No bleeding whoop whoop!

Since I’m not the greatest drawer I decided to used icing transfers, where I traced the characters onto wax paper and then let them dry and then put them onto the cookie.


So here are your characters!

Phineas and Ferb


Perry The Platypus




Dr. Doofenshmirtz and his arch nemesis Agent P


And all their friends – Isabella, Baljeet and Buford


Now the whole gang!


I had so much fun making these and as I write this post we are again watching Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension!  I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for Looking!

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  1. These are fantastic Karen! Great job! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are NOT a Spaz! You are a lot of fun and I love it. These cookies are awesome. When my granddaughter was here visiting last week we had the Disney channel on as a free preview. She watched it for a bit in the a.m. but we never saw this cartoon! I can't believe that you did all the characters. Great job Karen.

  3. These are wonderful looking. What a great job! Very clever idea to use the icing transfers. I followed your link from Tuesdays Tasty Tidbits. Thanks! I am a new follower by email.

  4. These are beautiful! You did an awesome job. Very lifelike. Now I totally want to make these, my daughter would LOVE them. She loves Perry.

  5. Awesome! My nephew was going crazy for the Phineas and Ferb movie, so he would LOVE these. Thanks for sharing. I'll be pinning these for my sister to see.

  6. your cookies look great. we watched the movie too. my son loves Phineas and Ferb. Thank you for sharing.

  7. These cookies stopped me in my tracks! We are huge Phineas and Ferb fans here at my house. It's one of the best shows EVER! And, we're hoping to catch the 2nd Dimension again this weekend. You did an excellent job with these. I'd like to invite you to share these on A Well-Seasoned Life's Sweet Indulgences Sunday.

  8. My boys would LOVE these cookies! Thanks for linking to the Tuesday To Do Party!

  9. My boys would absolutely flip for these cookies! Great job.

    Thanks for sharing at the hearth and soul hop last week.

  10. WOW. I'm going to take these pics to the baker so that I can use them as favors for my son's b-day dinner/party

    1. well if they can't I can and ship to you if you are in continental USA.