Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Birthday!


To whom you ask?  Well two very important people in my life.  Canada and The United States.  I mean, I am a Canadian who lives in the US and therefore must celebrate both birthdays right?  July 1st and July 4th!  Canada turns 146 and the US turns 237, so I decided to make something. I know you’re shocked.

I found some awesome cookie cutters at and then I saw Jill at Jills Funky Cookie Studio post these amazing cookies she was sending to Afghanistan and I knew I had to make some too!


Jill always inspires me.

So, I pulled out my country cutters and had some fun!



So Happy Birthday to my countries!

Have you made any treats for these birthdays, share them with me!


Thanks for looking!


  1. Thanks for the link party. I love your cookies!

  2. So cute and I was able to link up for the first time ever yay!! Thanks

  3. What's better than celebrating the birthdays of two countries...having great patriotic cookies for both. Love these Karen :)

  4. Finally got to link up something festive, with no help from my defunct least I got it now! We've got a soft spot for Canada in our house as well, since my husband's ancestors are French Canadian. :)