Monday, January 27, 2014

January is for birthday!


At least for me!  My birthday is tomorrow and oh yes there will be cake.  But you’ll have to come back to find out what I whip up.

I also know of 15 others born in this great month plus my Rowan’s birthday is February 1st, so lots of cakes to be done.  No I don’t make them all, just for a select few.  I also had the opportunity of making a cake this year for a new friend, Mark.  Mark is the owner of Mark Day Company, Caterer.  He emailed me before Christmas to ask if I would make some cookies for the holiday rush and I said sure!  Then he went through my portfolio on Flickr and saw a cake in my feed plus some day of the dead cookies and asked if I would make them for his birthday. UMMMMM…OK.

It also happened to be on the same weekend as our next door neighbour’s son’s birthday and I usually do his cake too.  I don’t do a lot of cakes and two in one week is certainly extraordinary but what the heck.

I started by making some cookies and by some I mean one hundred Day of the Dead cookies.  Now when Mark went through my Flickr he ordered based on this picture.  I’m embarrassed now but at the time I made them three years ago I was uber proud.  The picture is bloody aweful too.


I told his that they were a while ago and my piping on cookies was definitely at a different caliber now, so I could probably make them nicer.  So I made him these…actually 100 of these. And yes my hand did cramp.

Day of the Dead

The cake he wanted was a replica of the cake I did at a course I did at Swank Cake Design here in Raleigh.  It’s been two years but sure I can do that, at least I hope I can :)  But man I have to make a flower too and I haven’t done one of those in over 5 years, especially one on a wire.  I guess I better practice and so I did.


It turned out better than I expected on the first go, it ended up being the one I used.  That was a good sign. I then made the recommended gumpaste from scratch and practiced on the applique cutters and they seemed to work, so I decided I was ready.  After the cookies were complete, I moved on to the cake.  The cake was a dark chocolate sponge with fudge buttercream filling and coated with chocolate ganache.  I really like working with ganache, it smooths so beautifully. 


Add a fondant coat and it’s ready for the applique and voila…looked pretty good.  The words are an inside joke, I think :)


Now Mark also wanted some simple rosette cupcakes for which I forgot to take a picture, so lets use our imaginations, shall we.  They were vanilla bean cupcakes with a simple syrup and a vanilla bean buttercream peach rosette on top.

I dropped them all off in the swanky location, got to finally meet Mark and then I was off back into the kitchen to make cake number two!  This one was slightly less stressfull.  Tyler turned four and he wanted cookies but his mum wanted cake, so I combined the two.  He’s also all about the movie Cars and Cars 2, so I made some cookies.  I made all the big names and added Guido “pit-stop” because he’s my favourite.  Sorry about the bad picture, I forgot to take a good one.


Then I used the same vanilla bean cake as in the cupcakes and made a simple 8” cake covered in buttercream.  I tried the Viva towel method for smoothing and for the first time it worked.  I added the cookies and now cake two was done and I can take a very short break.



This week I’m making my cake and my daughter’s 6th birthday cake.  You’ll have to wait until next week to see what I made us :)

Thanks Mark for taking a chance on me for your birthday party and as always Tyler, I love making you smile!

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Happy late Birthday!!! I hope you had a fabulous day full of fun things and family hugs!! You certainly have been a busy bee! I love the cakes and cookies.